Sønderho Havn Støtteforening

The Sønderho Tapestry, 1

The history of Sønderho Harbour through 400 years illustrated by Bernd Hobohm

Idea and texts by Anders Bjerrum, Niels Frederiksen, Per Hofman Hansen and Thyge Jensen

Chapter 1: The purchase of Fanø in 1741

  1. In the Renaissance (1536-1650) the fairway into Ribe was well documented in navigation instructions
  2. Graffiti vandalism in Sønderho Church
  3. Fanø’s Charter of 1741 was obtained by cunning
  4. Sønder Hoved changed from a sandbar to a fishing hamlet
  5. The fishermen left their huts and built houses

Here you will find a detailed explanation on and the marking of the five themes >

Also notice a graphic expression of cyclical fluctuation and the demographic structur of Sønderho >

English translation by Palle Uhd-Jepsen and Rosemary Mason, 2023