Sønderho Havn Støtteforening

The Sønderho Tapestry, 2

The history of Sønderho Harbour through 400 years illustrated by Bernd Hobohm

Idea and texts by Anders Bjerrum, Niels Frederiksen, Per Hofman Hansen and Thyge Jensen

Chapter 2: 1741 – 1814. From Fishery to Shipping

  1. Map of Sønderho from 1797 with signatures for buildings, harbour, cornmill, church and beacons
  2. Sand drift forced many people from their houses
  3. Storm surges – an eternal threat
  4. The smack – one of the oldest type of vessels in Sønderho
  5. Sønderho – known for its hedges of Duke of Argyll’s teaplant (called box thorn)
  6. Many a “Sønderhoning-seaman” were kept as prisoners
  7. Shipmaster Thomsen’s silver button forced the British to take flight
  8. The beacon: A replica of the Kåver was erected on the dune summit Kåverbjerget south of Sønderho in 2011

Here you will find a detailed explanation on and the marking of the five themes >

Also notice a graphic expression of cyclical fluctuation and the demographic structur of Sønderho >